Welcome to our 27th season!

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SpringConcertPosterFounded in 1988, Amandla is a chorus based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The name Amandla comes from the Zulu word for “power.” We celebrate the power of community.

This season, we’re presenting new works in addition to gems from our vast repertoire, and you can check here for our concert schedule. We work with guests artists to round out our mission of singing world music while remaining deeply rooted in our community.

We sing for justice, freedom, and peace—songs new and old, some from around the world and others written right here. In performance, we wear sashes made of cloth from many lands to remind each other that we belong to a global family.



Amandla Chorus featured on Greenfield Cable TV December 2014

Amandla Chorus’ Together in Song Performance, 2011

To learn more about the Amandla Chorus contact our director,
Eveline MacDougall, 413 498-2974